Accuro 3D Spine Navigation - sicher, schnell & präzise

Klinische Erfahrungsberichte & Referenzen

“Accuro is a game changer… I use it now in all my procedures and to train our residents. Not only are we improving our first attempt success rates with Accuro, but we are also noticing a reduction in back pain and wet taps. By improving efficiency and reducing risk, we are greatly improving the standard of care we provide to our patients.”


Antonio Gonzalez, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Yale School of Medicine

“A morbidly obese patient had two difficult epidural placements by other anesthesia providers. Both epidurals failed after six hours… I utilized the Accuro device and placed a working CSE within five minutes…Both the surgeon and patient were pleased. It was a fabulous example of the need for the device.”


Beth Ann Clayton, DNP, MS, CRNA
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
University of Cincinnati

“Accuro is a handheld spinal navigation guidance device that can be used with just one hand, and it allows for better assessment of the neuraxial space. Not only does it allow you to have the picture of the ultrasound itself, but it has SpineNav3D technology that overlays and enhances the bony processes that you see, and it also gives you depth to the epidural space, which is unique to this device.”


Rebecca Minehart, MD, MSHPEd
Program Director
Massachusetts General Hospital
Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship

“The Accuro learning curve is minimal. Our physicians simply move the device along the patient’s back to identify the midline and interlaminar space […] In addition, the estimated depths to the spinous process and the epidural space are displayed instantaneously on the Accuro screen […] Accuro is so intuitive and friendly that it can be mastered by many within 10 minutes and operated with ease even with only occasional use.”


Regina Fragneto, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology
Division Chief of Obstetric Anesthesia
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

“As the PI for the first clinical studies performed with Accuro, I have been impressed with the sensitivity and specificity of the automated SpineNav3D software.”


Mohamed Tiouririne, MD
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Director of Obstetric Anesthesia
University of Virginia Medical Center


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